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Welcome to Harvesters Farm Kennels and Cattery

I am Philippa Munday. I used to be a veterinary nurse and in 2003 I realised my ambition to own a Kennels and Cattery.

Since then I have had extensive work carried out to create a top quality environment that provides comfortable accommodation for your pets to a 5 star standard.

I have a team of fully trained staff to ensure the health and happiness of your pets during their stay. We offer a unique kennel experience in that we have a no barking policy. We are the only kennels that I know of where customers can see their dogs in their kennels that are relaxed and stress free and are listening to music rather than frantic barking.

Your dogs will also be sent home with a written report detailing whether they have enjoyed their holiday experience!

The cats too have superior accommodation and all have outside views that offer daily stimulation and interest. And of course due to the no barking policy they also have a quiet, stress free stay.

Please enjoy looking at the pages of our website where you will find more details about Harvesters Farm's unique holiday experience for your pets.

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